Talking about 'wise blends'' and ''chai'' this week got me to thinking , there are so many ways to excite the senses with food , Smell ,taste ,touch . I just bought a new cookbook called 'very fond of food ' by Sophie Dahl. I love the start to the intro of the book . From The Little Prince ,  ''It's a question of discipline,'' the little prince told me later on.  ''When you,ve finished washing and dressing each morning, you must tend to your planet . Lovely , lovely !!!!    I also love this book !!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                      Right now , i,m in love with this hibiscus ,fresh mint soda water from a local restaurant . They also do an amazing mango ,fresh bluebarry and mint , to die for , smoothie .  I think the next few days are about food .   Some years ago ,while on holiday , we spent a few nights at an aquantances home . He had us over for dinner three nights in a row . He was an artist but loved to cook , and I have to say he was every bit as good as the best local chefs . The thing that struck me was , he was very dramatic , and each night when we arrived , he would say , '' tonight , I,m taking you to Cairo.''  Next night , ''tonight we go to Japan , and so on .  He genuinely loved to set the scene and he truly , travelled the world  , with his food .    Such an'' appetite '' for life through his food .