morning rituals

I loved the quote about looking after the planet once you've finished your morning rituals . Got to thinking , it,s so nice to have a morning ritual . Something to get us off to a good start to the day .    Urban living means we have to prepare for the friendly drivers and smiling faces once we're out the door  !! Unless we run into the friendly drivers then we dont get the smiling faces !!!!     We're not in the country but it's nice to have a country start to the day. My husband is from Scotland and he says for the longest time , breakfast was the best meal of the day in a country with a horrible track record for food.               Eggs ,,something about them , like good coffee ( 1 pump peppermint soy latte please ),     eggs seem to fortify the soul after a night of not enough sleep in the big city . Got this from a mag and love it . Fry them in some butter , add thyme and throw some peasant bread in the pan to toast . Magic !!!!