Touching on the subject of food last week and working in the kitchen got me to thinking about all the aromas that have touched our lives . Certain foods our grannie made , our fave auntie , places we;ve been or people we know all brought back to us through smell . I,ll never forget the amazing scent of sage after the rain in Taos , New Mexico . It was everywhere , and whenever I smell sage I immediately travel back in time . This brought me back to the age old saying , ' I'ts time to smell the roses ' . We spend so much time chasing what we do'nt have that we forget what we have ,  I want to realize who I am and what I have . Accept it , and move swiftly on . I know we do'nt have all the answers but that's the great fun of life , exploring  !!  Awareness is such an amazing quality , and sometimes we get so caught up in the mundane that we completely forget that there are so many great choices we can make , each and every day . Let,s get our noses to the ground and get stuck in ,, to life . Do'nt forget to look up though !!!!