While touching on the subject of food last week , I noticed all the different aromas in the kitchen . Got me to thinking , aromatherapy is such a great thing . I think we all have memories of certain people or events through smell . Certain things would remind you of your grannie or fave auntie or certain times of the year .  I,ve never forgotten the incredible scent of sage , after the rain in Taos ,New Mexico . I take a sniff of Sage and I,m immediately transported back there . This brought me back to the age old saying '' it's time to smell the roses ''. Take me back to looking at what I have and who I am . We spend so much time chasing what we do'nt have and forgetting what we,ve got .  Taking a look at who we are and what we have , accepting it , and moving swiftly on !!  Does,nt mean we,ve got all the answers but that,s the great fun of life . Awareness is something we continually forget , yet we have an amazing array of choices , each and every day . Escaping the prison of the mundane and exercising our ''freedom of choice '' . I personally , love it . 

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