This is the first day of Mercury going direct and already things are changing . We are seeing changes at the house ,one of our resident cats , Luna , was back in the house tonight . She's been a bit freaked out by the visitors in our back garden and has started coming in through the front door , problem is thats Penny,s ,turf so we,ve had a couple of dodgy situations . Luna spent the whole night stretched out on the carpet ,back to old times .           Best news this year , although I'm holding my breath until it happens  . Ashley , who works in the salon , told her future mother in law about our cats and she came in to the shop today with the best news . She has a friend who wants all the cats for his ranch . As I said , I,m not screaming from the top of my head until I see the babies in the car and on their way to the ranch.   Thank you Mercury .!!!!!!!!!!