Bella born before the New Moon!

New moons are about new beginnings and you can't get an new than a baby being born! Sweet little Bella was born to Jo's daughter Sasha and her husband Angel on September 14th 2012. Congratulations to the new and proud parents and to the very excited grandparents Jo Ann and Ronnie!!! As well as everyone else who beautiful Bella will bring love and joy to.



For info on the new moon: 

Saturday Sept 15th: New Moon at 10:11pm in Virgo. Virgo moons are about health, service to others, and cleaning. This new moon would be a good time to do any or all of those. 

Mercury 27 Virgo 44 semi-sextile  Saturn 27 Libra 44 at 11:50am: If something interest you then you will throw yourself into it 100% and learn everything there is to know about the subject. However if something doesn't interest you then you won't even give it the time of day. 

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