Know the difference!

Is psychic and medium the same thing? Nope! Here is an article on the differences in the types and levels of the intuitive mind! 

You could be one, a couple, or all of them. It is always good to know which one means what! 

A piece for the article: 

psychic work is often associated with terms of extra-sensory way in receiving insights such as: 

Clairvoyance --- 'clear seeing' without the physical eyes 

Clairsentience --- 'clear sensing/feeling' without the physical body 

Clairaudience --- 'clear hearing' without the physical ears 

claircognizance --- clear knowing 


An Empath is defined as a person who has the ability to sense the emotions of others. 

Basically, an empath is highly sensitive to picking up or absorbing energy vibrations or information from their surroundings or from other individuals. So empaths are in full awareness of the depth and intensity of any particular emotion, thought or situation, but are not particularly immersed in it themselves --- meaning they are aware of the emotions but they do not identify with it or make as their own. 

Empaths uses empathy --- understanding of another's situation, feelings, and motives --- to connect to a client for deep understanding and healing release, while using psychic abilities to help the client solve any problems. 

An Intuitive is defined as a person who immediately knows or understands something without conscious reasoning or without the effort of the mind. 
Intuitives utilizes the inner sense of claircognizance --- clear knowing --- as they tend to have a flash of insight without knowing why or how --- "just knowing". 

Psychic work and intuitive work occur on very similar level, although there is a basic difference in their styles.Psychics 'translate' the insight they receive on the psychic plane into real-life meaning while Intuitives have a flash of insight that requires no translation at all. Intuitive insight cannot be controlled the same way that psychicinsights can. 

A Channeler is defined as a person that serves as a medium for (a spirit guide). 
To clarify, a channeler works with spirit for the purpose of bringing forth information, but doesn't focus on precisely how it is obtained --- usually doesn't make a distinction about directly contacting deceased loved ones as does a medium. 

Channelers can turn in their own rational mind to enable spiritual/psychic/intuitive messages to flow through them --- in which these messages usually come from a defined and known source. 

Channelers are inclined to be an instrument for complete forces --- meaning, they channel the soul, the Universe, the Divine, specific vibratory forces like love, healing, etc. 


Don't forget about healers which the article did not mention. That is the heal a being or an energy by acting as a direct channel to the universe. 


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