New Moon on Friday!

Friday Jan 11th: Moon is v/c at 2:44pm. New Moon at 2:44pm. Since the moon is v/c during the new moon it would be a good idea to make your wishes, set your goals, spring into action before the moon goes void. If you want to wait for the moon to switch signs then you'll have to wait to the next day. If you were want and are extremely focused then you go ahead and make your wishes. Just remember things planned during void of course come out like they way we planned. This new moon is in Capricorn which might make it easier to focus since it is an Earth sign ruled by "Serious Saturn". Capricorn energy is related to yourcareer, business, and status. Be sure you will stay committed to your goals. Capricorn is all about climbing the mountain. The goat may take his time but he is determined to get to the top!  



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