Mercury the realm traveler.

DON'T sign contracts! DON'T get married! DON'T travel! DON'T DO ANYTHING!!! Right? 

Trying to figure out what you CAN do during the time Mercury decides to go backwards, twisted, and upside down? So what do we do when Mercury checks out for vacation for eight whole weeks, three to four times a year (lucky guy! I'd love those vacation days) and travels in between worlds? 

Ok, so maybe we shouldn't make commitments or major leaps during this time. We can take small baby steps and still do something extremely important. What? You may ask! How about getting back to the basics! Slow things down a bit. That's right! Shut off your cell phone, computer, iPad. (Scary thought, I know!) Come on Mercury is out so your technology will probably crash anyway (fingers crossed it doesn't, those bills can get pretty expensive). 

BACK TO THE BASICS: If you forgot what the basics are or if you born after the basics became old-fashioned, this is what you CAN do! 

Start a journal. Write a story. Paint a picture. Take up jogging. Get to know yourself and people in your relationships better. Get back in touch with nature. Volunteer your time. Learn to garden. Read a good book. Take a cooking class. Develop with your psychic ability. You are extra sensitive during this time. The things you can do are endless. It seems like you can't do much because it is so simple. None of the things that I mentioned are long hard commitments and won't upset you or burn a hole in your pocket if they fall through. You will learn about yourself and others. 

IMPORTANT: Be on the look out for: Addictions. If you or a loved one have any kind of addiction(s) please keep in mind that every type is AMPLIFIED. If they are bad and/or are harmful to you or others then please keep your distance. We should strive to find balance during this period. 

Be very careful on November 25th. Mercury is technically direct (Nov 10th) but is still in the shadow period. Due to other aspects and the positioning of Mercury we can push people we care about away. So if you don't want to lose anyone special then watch your words and actions. The shadow period ends on November 27th. So on the 28th you can get back to the big stuff and living life in the fast lane. 

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