My friend the lizard!

Today I had a lizard come sit next to me on the my couch. I notice that he was looking at me! I gently picked him up and put him on the ledge outside. He stayed there looking at me so I pet his head. After our moment I went inside look up meanings for lizards and here is some of the information that I found! 


Lizard helps us stay connected to our intuition, and build  a confidence into trusting our own instincts.  Subtle movements and changes around us become easier to detect as our awareness develops, perceiving what others may have missed.  They are connected to the Dreamtime in aboriginal and some native cultures which  integrate that knowing  into our Dream states. A confidence in your perceptions comes easier and stronger when working with the wisdom of the Lizard. 



The lizard spirit guide is a funny little fellow. He brings humor, light-heartedness, and at the same time brings depth of soul. I have a friend who is terrified of lizards, which for me is difficult to understand. Lizards are a representation of dreams, so if you have a lizard that comes around in the might be telling you to pay attention to your dreams.

The lizard spirit guide might also be telling you one of two extreme opposites: to blend in with your surroundings or to separate yourself from your surroundings.Lizards are VERY good at blending in with their surroundings, especially the amazing chameleon. Perhaps you need to learn how to blend in...perhaps you are standing out too much. This is not always safe, spiritually or physically. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the lizard spirit guide may be telling you to detach yourself from your surroundings...just as the lizard's tail can detach from its body when in danger. Maybe it is time for you to move onto a new aspect of your life and leave behind the old.

Lizards are like miniature dragons, so therefore it is possible that the lizard spirit guide is a cousin to the dragon spirit guide. It would only make sense since, after all, dragon spirit guides are also around to guide us further down the path of enlightenment and transmutation.



This is my friend the lizard! Isn't he handsome? 


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