A peak into the urban tool box!

I was looking around on my site and realized I haven't viewed my tool box in awhile. This section can be found on the right hand side of my blog! 


Wolf: Wolves are so sensitive, and can always sense things. You cannot fool a wolf. They can see you before you know they are there. Wolves are great protectors, and senses are very important. The wolf is a great guide along the roads to learning about your senses. They are connected to the moon. They can see into your soul, and they can shape shift into your eyes.



Dragon: One of the most magical totems. Dragons are a powerful guide to explore our psychic natures, while being completely protected. Dragons are the perfect tool to dive into our senses using all the elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The Dragon knows it's craft of magic and will help you fine tune yours. They will carry you away to what seems like a far away place. Dragons are for those who will use the time for each element to become the alchemist of high magic. 

mystical couture