The yellow crown!

What an interesting day I had yesterday! The day was grey and cool with a breeze. A bird flew into my window. When a bird hits a window it can mean mixed messages. The crows, and the woodpecker and this awesome Yellow Crowned Night Heron came to visit me. I even saved a tiny tiny red spider. It felt like it had a mysterious energy! 

The Yellow Crowned Night Heron is definitely interesting since Urban Muses' new logo is a yellow crown on a lotus!  


I found some cool things on the Heron!


Determination, balance, follow your own path, aids in seeing boundaries and security in exploring the mind and emotions. Heron teaches about self-esteem and balancing life's daily tasks. She helps look deeper into aspects of life which brings out innate wisdom and shows how to become self-reliant. Are you connecting to Mother Earth regularly? Heron teaches that grounding yourself in the earth, spiritual and emotional insights will become clearer. 



The Heron or Egret is symbolic in many cultures.

In Egypt the Heron is honored as the creator of light.  A double headed Heron in Egypt is symbolic of prosperity.

As a Chinese symbol the Heron represents strength, purity, patience and long life.

In Africa, the Heron was thought to communicate with the Gods.

Most Native American tribes took note of the heron’s inquisitiveness, curiosity and determination.  As such this set the heron as a symbol of wisdom in that this creature seemed to have good judgement skills.

Specifically, the Iroquois tribe held the blue heron as a very good omen, a very lucky sign.  They recongnized the heron as an expert fisher/hunter.  As such, they believed that sighting a heron before a hunt was a sign that the hunt would be a good one.

As a water creature the heron is also a symbol of going with the flow, and working with the elements of Mother nature rather than struggling against her.

The heron is a beautiful creature, exhibiting grace, and noble stature. It’s no wonder the Native Indians and ancients honored the heron throughout the centuries.



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