New Moon/Solar eclipse on Thursday

Thursday May 9th: Venus enters Gemini at 11:03am. Moon v/c at 8:28pm. New Moon at 8:28pm. Solar eclipse at 10:55pm. Because of the solar eclipse this new moon has an extra kick to it. Now because of the moon's void you normally wouldn't make plans or set important goals. However the solar eclipse should out ride the void. Be careful for what you ask for due to the eclipse's powerful nature. So if you want that extra push make your wishes for the new beginings that you start during the solar eclipse. 

Sun 19 Tau 21 semi-sextile Jupiter 19 Gemini 21 at 4:12pm: Periodically good opportunities and benefits come to you, and assist you on your path in life. These "lucky breaks" are not frequent but they are very helpful. You usually are able to distinguish the real opportunities from the unrealistic ones or the scams.


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