Full Moon on Monday!

According to a few sites this full moon isn't exactly a "Supermoon" but is still going to be super close and appear very large.

Monday July 22nd: Venus enters Virgo at 8:41am. Sun enters Leo at 11:56am. Moon enters Aquarius at 2:07pm. Full Moon at 2:16pm. What direction are you going? Pay attention to your dreams during this full moon. 

Mars 5 Can 54 conjunct Jupiter 5 Can 54 at 3:35am: This is a time when we possess a wealth of enthusiastic energy. We more readily take chances. We can have an insatiable appetite now. Our sense of timing is excellent. We feel strong, positive, adventurous, and energetic. Our goal is to expand. We are competitive in a friendly manner, and we readily rise to a challenge. We are decisive and actively pursue our goals. There is some danger, however, of overdoing.

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