Peace and Joy Day

I'd like to thank Shannon for making Peace and Joy Day happen for the last couple of years. The Mayor has not set the day up for this year and this is her open letter to Mayor Parker. 

Dear Mayor Parker, 

Congratulations on your continued success and blessings on your upcoming election campaign. 
You have been a very inspirational and dynamic leader for our city. 
I am writing to ask that you proclaim October 1st , 2013 the 4rd Annual Peace and Joy Day in honor of the Peace and Joy Project. This year it also happens to coincide with National Night Out so how serendipitous that people all over the nation will already be celebrating unity in community and the peace and joy of living here!

I am very proud to be a transplanted Houstonian for 32 years. This city is such a wonderfully diverse and intellectually rich environment to live in. As a forerunner of both industry and art, the agendas of many people here may seem to differ, but I believe that in the heart of each person we universally desire some relatively simple things out of life. Simply put we just want a little peace and joy or personal contentment. This is why I wanted to start "the Peace and Joy Project" in 2010. As a very blessed individual with everything to be grateful for, some days I still found frustration with the world as it can be. After reflection I found that my discontent was at times in my own mind, not finding the acceptance or contentment in the moment as it was...and so I would redirect my thoughts to finding peace and joy. 

The idea is we all have what we need within ourselves to be peaceful and joyful, one moment at a time. There are no meetings to go to, no books to buy, but simply learning to remind ourselves as many times as it takes that we are peace and joy walking, if we choose to be. Obviously, some struggles are harder than others and I do not mean to diminish any person's challenge, but eventually along the way I learned to believe and to put into action the power of words and faith.

Powerful positive words and thoughts change things. 

I am humbly living the proof that they can bring change.

So this is my peace and joy project..... to spread the word of living moment by moment in peace and joy to anyone and everyone at any and every time. When we are content personally in ourselves in peace and joy, we are poised to do our best and give our best to the world.

We would be honored if The City of Houston would recognize Peace and Joy Day again this year and to continue to promote the peace and joy of our citizens through thought and action one moment at a time. 

We would like to mark this day in our local neighborhood park, Shepherd Park at Ann's Labyrinth. 

Ann's Labyrinth was a community project built in honor of one of the original members of the neighborhood and the founder of the Shepherd Park Garden Club, Ann Scardino. It was completed April 30, 2011. After repeated vandalism in the park it has now been lovingly restored as an Eagle Project by Troop 604 and Eagle Scout Andreas Zierau II. We would like to honor her memory and all those that put in the hard work and dedication to maintaining it with community recognition and thanks on Peace and Joy Day. We also want to promote the awareness to keep our public gathering spaces sacred and to remind people there are many different ways, even in a rapidly growing urban environment such as Houston, to continue encouraging mindful and peaceful living.
Thank you for your consideration and thank you for taking time to consider my humble plight. 

Have a beautiful day.
Shannon Zierau 

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