Spring Equinox tomorrow and Mercury Retrograde on Thursday

Tuesday, March 20th: Sun enters Aries at 12:15 pm. Ostara/Spring Equinox blessings!

Thursday, March 22nd: Moon enters Gemini at 1:30 am. Mercury retrograde begins at 8:19 pm until April 15th. Mercury retrograde it is good to plan ahead, make a plan b and c. Have backups for all your major technology devices, triple check times, dates, tickets to help avoid delays but remember some things are out of our control. Mercury retrogrades can cause misunderstandings. Don't make any hasty or impulsive important decisions or commitments. Mercury retrogrades gets a lot of bad reputation because of all the delays, miscommunication, and other mishaps. What most people don't know is Mercury retrograde can be a great time for healing. Redo! Rethink! Review! "Take a break". Get back into nature, go for hike. Put down all the phones, computers, tablets etc.. (they don't do well during a Mercury retrograde anyway). Do something creative, paint, write, play music, go out and dance. Do something fun! 


Christina Chandler