I wanted to go to Galveston, my place of birth, the day before my birthday. As we drove down my mom told me she had actually walked on the beach the day before I was born. Perfect! Because that was my plan for the day.

Driving on to the island I had the best greeting ever. Hundreds of pelicans gliding across the bridge, the most amazing amount of these magnificent creatures, my personal guards saying hello on the eve of birthday.

It was a great day to have my family with me. my mom, the girls, granddaughter..... As we walked the beach searching for goodies, Bella, my five-year-old granddaughter, came up to me and nonchalantly said ‘’here Gigi’’, handing me a perfect shell. It was lovely and the only one we found that was quite unique. A perfect gift from nature, via Bella.

We started back towards town, driving along the sea wall enjoying the waves when suddenly I spotted the most beautiful heron. He stood out after seeing all the pelicans dotted up and down the coast road. We made a point of watching him for some time, so majestic.

From there we went to the strand to visit my usual haunts. As it happened haunts was the perfect word. My favorite shop was closed. Hendley market is a lovely place full of the most unusual finds but not today... instead, I found the workmen upstairs from them. I could see they were building out some apartments and went up to check. The foreman was the nicest guy and out of the blue gave me a crash course in Hendley history. Hendley market used to be a mortuary, which made so much sense as I could always feel a presence there. Another thing I learned was they have the most amazing glass ceiling on the market. Which I was now nervously standing on, looking down into the shop. It’s made up of large panes of glass that he pointed out were mostly opaque, from the 18th century! I could see down as through the years some of the panes cracked and were replaced. This was so the upstairs neighbors didn’t have to look down into the coffins. Eerie, love it!!!

I left on the hunt for an antique shop and walked into a place on a corner, didn’t get a great first vibe but shopped for a few minutes when all of a sudden a song of mine came on. The most unlikely song I would have expected from this shop. Frank Sinatra singing about magic, amazing. Such a great sign!!!

We left for home having had a great pre-birthday, full of magical signs. My daughter Chloe went out for a late run as I was recounting my day. She called after a while to tell me to come to look at something in the neighborhood. I drove to meet her and there he was, the cutest little heron had fallen from his nest. He was healthy and actually quite spicy so I was delighted to end the day on a happy note, reminding me of the great heron we had spied on the beach. Allowing me once again to always take note of the never-ending trail of life’s magical signs.


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Christina Chandler