Birthday Lotus

A year ago I was at my spot in Florida for my birthday. While I was there I drove past my favorite little shopping area that has a little pond full of lotus flowers. This was quite different from my usual drive by - there were at least a dozen beautiful flowers above the water. It was the first time I had seen the flowers rise out of the water and never seen so many out at the same time. It was my special birthday present!!!

This year I had a reading from a special friend who told me I should look for another sign for my birthday. He said it would happen around my birthday again and would be auspicious.
June 20th, 2 weeks after my birthday. We went to Dallas on my annual trip to see the Indian saint I adore and love. It was a great trip, as always. Full of great messages and signs!

The morning we finished, we got on the road home. 30 minutes south of Dallas we spied an amazing sight. I remembered seeing this before on our last trip but this time it was the most beautiful sight ever. We passed, then exited the freeway to u-turn back to the biggest, loveliest lake of lotus flowers I’ve ever seen. It was surreal, the biggest leaves ever and the flowers were all at least 3 feet out of the water. Hundreds and hundreds of flowers. We got out of the car and stayed there for at least half an hour. Watching the flowers sway with the wind. It truly was breathtaking. We shot video, we shot photo after photo, more video!!! It was one of the most beautiful places I’d ever been to!
- Jo

Christina Chandler