Lightning messages! ⚡️⚡️⚡️

A few days before my birthday I had a personal astrology session with a friend. I treat myself to this session every year but this year was extra special as I had my dearest friend Christina visiting from California and she sat in with me. Christina writes the cosmic forecast on my blog and I rarely get to see her because of the distance. So when we do meet up, our muse sparks usually fly !!!!

While Christina listened to my reading we began to throw ideas into the cauldron. I told my astrologer that last year around my birthday we went to my special place in Florida. While I was there I visited my lotus pond to find for the first time they have fully blossomed but also standing out of the water. Like a celebration from Mother Nature....... We started brainstorming and decided we wanted another gift from the mother, from the universe! Going back and forth, Christina popped out her vision. We were dropping ideas when she said these are like mental lightning bolts, I instantly remembered the movie about Percy and the lightning bolt thief.

We had to watch it!!

Later that evening, after all of our chatting about our day, all of the sightings and messages. The connections to everything we talked about and did, our endless array of meaningful signs, about the future. You name it, we hit every subject!!!

We ordered the movie, Percy, and the lightning thief. We had been hearing the rumblings of thunder but now as we were about to settle into watch mode! I saw the lightning outside. I said is this a sign or what, as I’m opening the front door to have a look. Crack!!!! I jumped back and let go of the door handle. It landed right in front of our house , on the street .... loud as can be. . It was amazing , really scary... but what were the chances ..... I’m about to watch the lightning thief and here we are , it’s delivered right to my front door ........

credit: Google Images

Christina Chandler