Chloe and Finding the Eyes!

My lovely daughter was in town for 3 weeks recently. She was helping me with my work. We started slowly but as time went on we actually threw ourselves into the work and Chloe said if she was going to do it, she wanted to do it right ... no half measures.

We needed supplies, so off we went to a local store. I needed beads and Chloe was on a mission to find mainly one thing, she wanted evil eyes to finish her project. Evil eyes ward off darkness or bad mojo!  Since we were making mojo bags they were pretty much number one on the list.
We spent a while going through the whole place, I found all I wanted and was happy but Chloe, on the other hand, searched everywhere and couldn’t find one Evil eye bead!!!

When we were leaving she was bemoaning the failure and I was telling her something will turn up, for sure. She was still bending my ear about her beloved evil eyes as we walked out the main door and got into the parking lot. I reminded her to send it out to the universe.... "look for the eyes! Look for the eyes." She said it, jokingly, as we made our way to our car. Chloe happened to look down and what was there ... a bracelet full of evil eyes ... on the ground. Amazing what can happen if you just send it out there!!!!


Chloe's field of dreams!

Christina Chandler