Reaching Out, Visiting Amma

I traveled to Dallas to see my beautiful Amma. I’ve talked many times in the past about her pure love. We have seen her every year for the past 17 and it never gets old.
Always messages and always a magical visit.
I was standing in line waiting for food after Amma had finished her evening talk and was starting to give personal blessings to each and every person in the hall.
It was the evening of the Summer Solstice, a special night. As I stood there, behind a dad holding his young daughter, I noticed she had stopped playing with him and was aware she was checking me out.
I smiled and she reached out her hand for me to take. I held out my hand and she turned it around to look at my ring, it was a white rose ring. She swung back to her dad than a few minutes later just as they were about to be served she took my hand again only this time she held the ring and smiled as she looked at me …. a message of love from such an innocent source … reach out, don’t be afraid to open up

Christina Chandler