At the Emerald Coast in Florida

"A personal trainer for the mind, emotions and senses" -  Client since 2009


I wish to share my knowledge and my journey with others.

I reside in Houston Tx. One of the easiest ''big cities'', to live in . As the blog describes, I'm an urban girl who discovers amazing feats of nature every day in the city. I'm a gemini which is an air and mutable sign. Dual minded, always inventing and very imaginative I always love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others. Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini and isn't it interesting that mercury in mythology is the messenger of the gods?

I was born on the island of Galveston, Texas so it is only natural that one of my favourite places to be is by the water; there is one very special place in particular that I love, the northern coast of Florida. The Emerald coast, aptly named as the Emerald is Mercury's stone. Whenever I'm there it's like being in the center of the camera lens, fully focused. All my senses are in overdrive, dreams, visions are incredibly clear as is my mind. Mercury is perfectly positioned for me in that beautiful part of the world.


If you read my Daily Blog you will see my everyday adventures. How many times have we walked from our house to our car or from our car to work, with blinders on? We are too busy thinking instead of looking or sensing.




From a very young age I was a natural seer....


...and as I grew, I never lost that childlike magic.

I learned to use everyday tools from all the natural elements around us. Mixing and blending the information we're given in our lives defines us. I personally find magic in everyday life. The '' je ne sais quoi '' of the tapestry of events each and every day inspires me, and for me inspiration is everything!!  Dreams, visions, feelings, they have all played out in my life over the years. Experiencing this over and over has taught me to have absolute trust in our senses. My wisest decisions have been the result of this honest and intuitive way of life. 

Mysticism is as old as humanity itself, but can be practical and relevant in today’s world.