Ever hear a song in your head seconds before it plays on the radio, or think about someone right before they call you?

It's your intuitive mind telling you what comes next. These incidences and others you shrug off are not meaningless. What if you could get better at knowing what comes next, just by learning to clear your mind and trusting your gut instinct.  

You can. I can teach you. Imagine the possibilities!   

Throughout history many have said these are signs of your intuitive awakening.

My role, as an Intuitive Guide, is to help you advance that awakening. To teach you how to use that ability, and the messages delivered by your dreams or intuition, to improve your everyday life: Relationships, family, career.

Einstein believed in timelessness: That everything you’ve ever experienced and everyone you’ve ever known is around you forever. You may think of time as always flowing forward, but time has no beginning or end. It always is.

When you walk into a place and feel like you’ve been there before, it’s because you have, in some form, or when you meet someone and feel an instant connection, as if you’ve known each other forever, it’s because you have.

Next time you hear that song in your head before it plays on the radio, remember timelessness. In essence, what’s happening is that you’re bumping into a bit of your future--which is always around you waiting for you to see it. Or feel it.

The awakening begins with seconds, and as you clear your mind, those seconds turn into minutes, and the sensing, turns into knowing, until one day you begin to see what comes next on a much bigger level. And you begin to see yourself as the wise, confident, brave, happy you--the person you were meant to be, a person who can envision their future and make it come true. 

A very wise man once said: “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

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Jo Ann
An Urban Muse