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All services listed below are single sessions, but can be offered as part of the following one hour per session packages listed below. Where possible, I encourage clients to consider packages as it is a great value. By selecting a package, you will be able to mix and match different services to suit your needs.

Many of us don’t realize the treasures we hold from our past lives for healing in our present. Maybe there is a fear you have struggled with for a while but can’t seem to understand where it comes from or how to release it. Maybe you've had feelings of connection to a particular place or life path, but seem to have no ‘logical’ ties to explain the strong pull.
A past life readying could be the key to unlocking these mysteries. During this session, I read what I see in your past lives and help you utilize the information as a tool for healing, insight, and progress for your life today and in the future. 

Is there someone who has passed on that you’d like to connect with? Would you like to know how your deceased loved one is doing? Are you looking to find some closure and healing from his/her passing? If so, this is the service for you.​I connect with your loved one who’s passed on and share the messages they’d like you to receive. As with my intuitive reading, I will start with what I receive and share all that comes up and we'll work with the natural flow of what you would most like to know or communicate.


We all have general characteristics when it comes to astrological signs, but once we pinpoint your exact date, time, and place of birth, we can give you an exact personalized chart. This is always a great tool to read and re-read whenever you have questions about your life. Once we have your chart, I translate the information in one of our sessions. I will go over your Western, Eastern (Vedic), Celtic, Native American astrology and the phase of the moon you were born under. 

I listen to the information from your past, present, and future, that's stored within you, and share with you, what comes to me. I begin the first session by sharing the information I receive without any input from you and then we go with the natural flow of the questions that come to you. This is very helpful if you have something you’re concerned about or wondering what the right course of action is in a particular area of your life.

Want to revitalize your passion for living a full life? Then a chakra tuneup is just what you need. ​ Chakras are junction points between energy and physiology. I will guide you through the world of chakras and how they shape and affect your life. We all have tools that are unique to us to help keep our energy centers clear and as part of this session I will clear your energy blocks so that harmony is restored between your body, mind and emotions as well as share what tools you can utilize to maintain this balance. ​ 

Ever asked for a sign and not been sure if you’re receiving one or just trying to feel like you did? Just as we all have unique fingerprints, we also have a symbolic language with which we are given messages, guidance, and support; but many times we don’t know what that language is or don't trust that it's real!

In this session I share with you the threads of animals, symbols, and elements that have been significant throughout your life and make up your unique language. I will also show you how to utilize these totems to support you in every area of your life.

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Is it time to reinvent your style?I will work with you to reinvent your personal style.​The best time to listen to what's calling to you with colors, styles and a completely new look is after you have cleared your energy. Let go of the old and invite in your own personal intuitive muse.With one of the top salons in Houston at your service, you know you'll be taken care of by the best at Blue Mambo and walk out ready to conquer the world.Don't wait, it's your time to shine!

"Everyone who comes to me is looking to get from point A to point B. From where they are to where they want or need to be. Whether you are looking to reach a personal goal or business objective, you must have clear directions and a vision for what your success will look like. If you don’t, how will you know you’re on the right path and taking the right steps? 

Everything we do either moves you towards your goal or away from it. In order to gain clarity, insight, and goal achievement, you must be balanced in your mind, body, and spirit. That includes how you think, how you feel, how well you focus, the people who surround you, and an effective plan. I can help you identify issues, blockages, people, and habits that are preventing you from finding success and help you trust your knowledge and experience, as you use your inner voice to reach your goals."

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