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In simple terms, Space Clearing is a way to ‘clear out’ – or move on – negative energy which is filling a place, and then replacing it with positive, loving energy . I am sure many of you have heard the quote “where energy flows, energy goes”. In our physical spaces, energy becomes built up over time. The many different beings who enter the space bring their different energies, and those energies can linger in the space for a long time, even after the person leaves. We also collect the energy of people we come in contact with on a daily basis. We are like dust mops, the small energetic particle are collected with us not even knowing it.

    • Space Clearing offers us the ability to clear a space that is depleting us, changing the energy into a space that energizes us.  

    • Ceremonies for Space Clearing have been performed by many cultures since ancient times and there are many different techniques that have been used.

    • Many businesses have started using space clearing to increase productivity.  Realtors are using space clearing to increase sales, and people that buy new homes are clearing the spaces before they move in.

    • Space Clearing is a powerful tool for transforming the energy in our homes and offices.  It can be used on a regular basis, say annually.   It can be used after an event such as an illness or divorce, or an argument.  Or it can be used more often, whenever you feel the need for an energy shift.

      “Space Clearing is a process and can be done, monthly, annually, seasonally depending on the space and client’s needs. Room by room, entire house, car, office, whatever space needs an energetic cleanse. “

      How is works?

    • Call Urban Muse to set an Initial Consultation with Jo Ann to review the space.

    • You will be emailed a small questionnaire to complete prior to the call. First Initial Consultation will be by phone and is free to discuss your space with Jo Ann.

    • From there she will set an appointment to visit the space. Jo Ann will let you know how much time will be needing to clear the space. It might only take one visit, or larger homes may require multiple hours. Things may be suggested to be moved and welcome new energy in. An open mind is required. Resistance also affects energy space clearing. Jo Ann will use a combination of many modalities, smudging, crystals, mediumship, candles, affirmations, bells, chimes. Sound bowls, etc. She may suggest certain rituals that you continue on your own to keep your space clear.

    • Many of these items are available in our website.


Feeling weighed down by stress, lethargy or a real lack of enthusiasm and clarity? It might be time for a clearing of your energy blocks to allow the flow back into your being in order to feel refreshed and reconnected to your enthusiasm for your life!



Have you ever walked into your home or office and felt a sense of negative energy, strange things happening or you feel off balance when you enter? It is probably time to have the energy cleared so you can fill it with your positive good intentions and optimism. Doing so is like opening the windows for a breath of fresh air.

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