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"Urban Muses is a great fit for me. Her insight into my life and skill won me over. Thanks"

- Gail W. 

"A fantastic experience. She's as real and genuine as they come and I was very comfortable throughout. I hope to see her again soon."

- Jason P.

JoAnn, beautiful, lovely, kind, grounded, guiding, spiritual, intuitive JoAnn.  I feel so at peace with JoAnn.  Her energy is so beautiful and loving.  Her connection and intuition is so wise and accurate.  Her space envelopes you in such a peaceful positive energy.    


JoAnn has helped me understand myself better through my star chart (which is surprisingly accurate, more so than the Myers-Briggs test I took once upon a time).  She has shown me how to notice signs and trust my intuition.  And, most importantly for me, JoAnn has shown, and continues to show, me how to connect, connect, connect with energy and open myself to greater things.  With JoAnn’s guidance, I am learning how to live a fuller, more enriched, more organic to my being life.  


I am a middle-aged, suburban, lawyer mom.  While I am open minded, I am not a crystal wearing, tree hugging, hippy who vacations in a yurt.  Random information, I guess, but knowing this is important so you can understand that JoAnn and her gifts are available to all.  


I am so thankful to have connected with JoAnn.  She truly is a gift!

- Elizabeth

"She did an amazing job at instantly making me 100% comfortable. Such a sweet woman who really knows her stuff. At the end of the reading I had felt like I got to know myself further than I ever had before as well as relief to have some personal questions answered. Jo Ann is incredible at what she does and I would recommend her to anyone. Love her!"

- Kayci C.

Visiting Joanne at Urbanmuse was such a wonderful experience. She is truly gifted and wants to help others with her gifts. Joanne identified my strengths as well as areas where I could use clearing. She gave me so much insight and I left feeling emotion/physically lighter and stronger. Definitely visit this incredible woman! 

- Stacy

"I was very impressed with her skills. Very enlightening experience. Would recommend her to anyone."

- Eddie L.

I would really like to thank Joann for helping me learn to slow down and smell the roses.....and watch the birds....and enjoy this day.  She is truly an amazing person and a profound mystic. I will be forever grateful.

Love and light,

- Monica R

It is said that people come in and out of our lives like sand in an hour glassor waves on a beach, sometimes they are here to stay and other times they leave a life lasting impression. When I met JoAnn I was searching for solutions to a headache, and an all around imbalance in my life; what I found was so much more than that. JoAnn introduced me to a part of my life I was searching for without even knowing I was doing so, like pieces of a puzzle to make myself fit properly into my life.  

           The more that we continue to work together the more that I discover about myself, and the more I find that I am able to love and accept myself for who I am and to help people. She is the kind of person who has patience, and guides you through the tough times. She is there for you when you need her most and takes you step by step through the problem so that you can come out on the other side for the better. She has that magical touch that most people lack, the connection to others that so many do not. When I met her I instantly knew her, it was like we had been close friends in a past life or something. I have never felt so comfortable with someone in my whole life.


           I have an adventurous spirit and JoAnn sees that and helps me to experience great new wonderful things. She sends me on new adventures if there is an opportunity, and joins in on them, a true kindred spirit. There is never a limit to the learning process as long as there is something to learn and there is excitement to learn. As long as I live I know there will be the excitment, and I know that I will have JoAnn in my life. She is a true soul sister.

- Candice Houston, TX

"Just getting started with Jo Ann. Her space is so welcoming and inviting and at the same time peaceful and tranquil. Her insight is incredible. I am at a pivotal point in my life and searching for more spiritual guidance, and I am excited and encouraged about the guidance she can provide as I begin this new phase in my life. I am thankful to have found her and look forward to our continued experience!"

- Constance S.

I'm not even sure where to begin.... My time with Joann was so genuine and beautiful. I had a previous experience with Reiki that shaped my expectations a bit, but I was blown away by the positive differences in my time spent with Joann. I felt comfortable and cared for the entire time. She was able to speak specific details related to my tendencies/personality/past/present, and I was moved to tears. I can't say enough about the space that she has so lovingly created nor the positive radiant energy that flows through her. I am convinced that I will be intentional about having regular visits with Joann. I am beyond grateful that we have crossed paths.

- Rikki P.

I absolutely love JoAnn and know I was divinely guided to her! She is an amazing fun person who is full of wisdom and beautiful loving energy. I feel very cared for and loved in her presence. She joyfully takes the time and energy to know what is best for me each time we meet and checks in with me to see how I'm doing. I was blown away by her expertise and she has helped me immensely. I feel I can moved forward at my best in every area of my life! I would highly recommend anyone to for an awesome and enlightening experience!

- Monique F.

Jo Ann is amazing. She has made the atmosphere for her space beautiful

and extremely comfortable. There is a great since of peace when you walk through her doors. She connected with me almost immediately and showed me how in tune she was with me through signs and her visions. 

I look forward to many more visits and future success with Jo Ann. She is a true giver and has an extraordinary


- Laura M.

I have never been to anyone quite like JoAnn, and my only experience with someone with mystic abilities was negative. I was going through a transformational time in my career and I wanted to find someone who could help me reacquaint myself with my strengths, be mindful of what I was seeking, and build my confidence to get there. As soon as I met JoAnn, I knew I was in good hands. She immediately put me at ease with her gentle nature and positive light.

She is an active listener - listening far beyond the words and the physical and offering insightful perspectives throughout our discussions. Not only was she insightful, she gave me concrete tools and projects to drive the results I needed. After every session, I walked away with homework, continuing our progress beyond our time together. Every time I left JoAnn, I felt enlightened, empowered and centered. JoAnn's impact is immense.

I look at my daily life in a whole new way...seeing through new eyes, acknowledging the messages the universe sends and greeting each new experience with love. I look around more, I look inside more, I am more because she shared her gifts with me.

With much gratitude,

- Amy B

I did my very first Reki healing with JoAnne and it was so AMAZING! She was able to clarify many things in my life and also tell me about myself on a spiritual level. She was more than just a healer but became more of my guidance and friend. She is very great at what she does and knowledgable as well. She leaves the door open for any questions you may have or even conversation within her field. I am so glad that I was able to meet her and link up with such an GREAT being! I will definitely keep going to her for her services as well as communicate with her loving soul! Thank you so much.

- Cody E

"The moment I spoke to Joann via phone, the portals to my spirit self warmed and opened to recieve. One of my closes friends told me about her and gifted a session. My experience is best described as soulfully organic. With pure energy and a graceful touch she provided precise intuitive insight. I highly recommend Urban Muse, the encounter was tranquil with immediate results."

light and truth,

- J King

"Jo Ann's warm and welcoming personality, along with her incredible and varied gifts, made my reiki experience with her truly memorable. She helped me explore my intuition more freely and develop a better understanding of my spiritual depths. I would highly recommend her."

- Jillian S.

"I had an amazing first Reiki healing session. I didn't know what to expect, but she explained everything that I may experience before hand. I had a wonderful and insightful experience, and I can't wait to go back."

- Janice H.

"JoAnn is spot on! I usually don't trust too many people, especially when it comes to energy and things concerning the metaphysical part of me. If you are looking for or desiring a spiritual awakening, chakra realignment, and intuitive learning, Urban Muses is the way to go. You will not be disappointed!"

"If you are looking for a muse, some healing, some chakra balancing, reiki or spiritual guidance, I highly recommend JoAnn! You will not be disappointed. We have been connected for about four months and I learn something new about myself and have actually been able to move through my grieving process much smoother."

- Natalie L. 

"Joanne has been so amazing for me in many ways. She has great insight to my spirit and soul and has helped me to see the beauty inside of me. She's also very intuitive and opens pathways of new ways of thinking. I would highly recommend her to anyone I know."

- Claudia G.

I went in for Reiki for the first time ever. I must say JoAnn was probably my perfect fit. We talked for a bit, had treatment and I feel so amazing. Yesterday when I left and got home my daily was surprised at my definite change in energy! Planning to go back, as often as I can!!

- Carrie F. 

"At first walking into the place i was overwhelmed by the BUSY hair salon. However once I got back to her area and sat down and began conversing with her it all dissapaited quickly. She is a very strong and has a lot of wisdom and can clearly navigate any waters you bring her way. I reccomend her for not only her abilities but her poise in doing such."

- Brad H.

"The moment I spoke with Jo Ann I felt her calm energy through the phone! The in-person session began on-time and she taught me how to foster good energy. She helps you to help yourself. I anticipate more sessions! 

Jo Ann followed-up after the session, as agreed, and provided me with more insight. Jo Ann really takes a professional interest in her clients. I also loved the atmosphere inside and outside her office."

- Kimberly M.


"Breathtaking is how I would describe meeting Jo Ann for the first time. The positive energy which radiates from her instantly put me at peace and I knew I made the right decision. During our session Jo Ann described experiences from my past and present with 100% accuracy. I look forward to continuing this journey to gain a better understanding of myself and "source" of our oneness."

- Derick S


Jo Ann - The Amazing "Urban Muse". She intuitively told me things about myself that only I would know about. My session was the minimum 30 minutes. She identified significant people in my life. Jo Ann gave me hopeful insight that will give me a more "defined" direction that only strengthens my resolve.

I realize that this life is a journey and I look forward to sharing more sessions with her as she helps me better navigate through this life.

- Debbi T.


Hello, I have one word to describe Ms. Jo Ann. "Excellent"!

You should try her she touches on numerous of thing's. I was very pleased.

- Chenia H.


I've had a really amazing experience working with Jo Ann . I found her to be professional and extremely talented in her area of expertise. The first thing that I notice was the love and energy that surrounds her as she worked with me . I would recommend her to anyone searching for the real deal :)

- Patrick E.

I began visiting with Joann by mere curiosity; a sign for spiritual re-alignment piqued my interest. I began a series with Joann and she immediately shined a light on how I was stifled by my bottled up energy. We have worked on opening up my chakra's, energy healing, meditation, talking and training me in the tools to naturally release the fog in my mind. Over the course of several weeks, she has ignited my creativity. Joann has helped me sharpen my awareness, intuitive potential and encouraged me to reconnect with nature. She is a thoughtful, creative, inspiring soul with an enormous heart. Her authenticity and openness has allowed for me to connect with the energy all around me by making peace with the past life, present life life, and future life. I am grateful for my curiosity and the opportunity to meet Joann. I would recommend anyone to visit with Joann if they are curious in making the dull more shiny and bright by opening up their third eye.

- Danielle, Houston, TX


It has only been a week since I've started this amazing journey with JoAnn. I came to her in search of something more in me, spiritually and personal changes. What I got was more than I ever imagined. It just one week, she provided me with tools to see life in a different way. She told me things that I didn't even mention and she nailed it. I fully trust her intentions and the help that she has provided and is continuing to provide. I am blessed to have the opportunity to have crossed paths with this amazing person. I have opened my heart and mind, thanks to Joann!!

- Gabriela P.


I have had several one hour sessions with Jo Ann and find her to be very helpful and accurate. She is legitimately gifted with a high level of intuition. One example is when recently she was able to let me know that my boss might be retiring around October so I began mentally preparing for what might happen to me when he does. This week he announced that he would be retiring Oct 1st. She is also very good with names and will tell you who in your life has good intentions and those who do not. I have been surprised by some of her revelations, but I always find them to be accurate. No one can see the future or predict your life to a "T" but if you are looking for some genuine intuitive guidance, Jo Ann can help.

- Leslie S.

I have experienced a decade of Jo Ann's compassionate presence. Jo Ann has gently encouraged me to find within myself my own truth along my spiritual journey. She has used her intuitive abilities and compassion to help navigate me through specific techniques using Chakra Balancing and Energy Healing in our sessions. Her pinpoint accuracy with her intuitive abilities mentioning exact names and events in my life that I had never made mention of to her before gave me a true understanding that she had a special gift that was unique. I had spent a tremendous amount of time with countless "holy people" and had previously heard endless ideas of what other people had been convinced of was "The Truth." What stood out about Jo Ann is that her ability to heal, encourage, and use her intuitive abilities, were grounded in nature not a book, or someone else's teaching. She teaches people how to unfold their own inner truth. A session with her is an experience that is not lofty and cliche'. It is always new, fresh, and natural. I always feel centered, focused, and a breeze of compassion after our sessions. After seeing Jo Ann people always notice and ask what I have been doing differently. I seemed to radiate. I had a special aura of positivity and air of confidence that was new. I would simply smile and continue to feel the calm from Jo Ann's presence from our session knowing she was my guide for my life's spiritual journey.

- Stephen F.

I have been seeing Jo for about a year now. I was a novice when it came to energy work and the meaning of it.  Although I had an awareness of it, I didn't know how to utilize the energy that is around and within me to my advantage until I met Jo.  Her ability to see into the future is quite compelling as well. She talked to a friend of mine that was in a different country and just by hearing his voice she was able to tell him things about himself which he told me no one ever knew. I see Jo frequetly and will continue to do so.

- Rocky G. Houston. Tx


Since my first session, my experiences with her has been beyond anything I experienced before in any other astrological reading or psychic reading. Sitting with her I feel like she googled my lifewithPRECISE INFORMATION without any prior contact with her. She knew people names, places, loved ones that had passed on. It took me some time- so I took a deep breath to digest the experience. SHE REALLY ROCKED MY BOAT. She is not bound by time or space, her knowing is way underestimated, it’s asupernatural experience.

- Gabriela Seagrove, Fla

Jo is a joy to have sessions with and has been a bright light in my life! She keeps me accountable to make sure that I am always true to myself and continue to love myself and others. After going through a big life change of a divorce she has helped me stay positive and continue to be excited about my new life. Jo has also utilized her intuituve gifts to help me make wise business decisions and work more effectively with my employees..Anyone that is looking to grow and become better in life would greatly benefit from having regular sessions with her. Thank you Jo!

Love, Jenna


If I had the time and believed others did as well, I could easily write an ENTIRE BOOK about my experiences with Jo Ann and the incredible, beautiful, spirited Goddess of a woman she is. I met Jo as a young teenager (I am now a young 30) and was looking for guidance in understanding how to let go of the pain and hurt of my past and be able to achieve all that I felt I was destined to be. From the moment we met, I knew Jo would be an incredible teacher, friend, sister and mentor; I came looking for an immediate solution to my 'worldly' problems and I left having a guide for life.

- Jenna

Jo Ann knew from the moment we met ALL that I was capable of.  I have always been someone who's been looking for my 'place' in the world. I have LEARNED, with her love, guidance, energy, challenges and wisdom how to listen to my guides that are all around me, connect with nature in a way I always knew I could and gain a sense of trust, faith and confidence that I never knew possible.And I've done it without having to give up 'modern' life, but do it in a way that has allowed me to find a great balance between my spirit and this amazing world we live in today. 


Jo will help you face the fears that you've carried with you and move through them to a beautiful world.  I'm not going to promise it will be easy, but I can promise once you taste your true spirit, your true self, you will be hard pressed to want to go back. As one of my most favourite authors (Paulo Coelho) once wrote: "Whoever drinks this water once can never quench her thirst at other springs".THAT is truly how your experience will be with Jo Ann.


Wherever you are on your spiritual path, she will not judge, but be ready to guide you to realizing your next step. Regardless of your age or stage in life, your religion, your career, your past or present, Jo is ready to help those who are ready to help themselves.Even if you're a skeptic, take a chance and sit down with her and see where it leads you.  Ultimately it is up to each and every one of us to transform ourselves, but if you can get the best of the best (which is what we always want in a teacher) then it is a treasure and a half to have Jo lighting your path!

- Shonali London, UK 2012

Jo Ann came into my life at a very interesting point. I was just getting into my spirituality and was wondering if it really was for me. I have never met Jo Ann but she was an amazing help. I had some bad habits that would hinder my spiritual growth should I decide to move deeper into it. I was an overanalizer, I would look for logical reasons that things happened and therefore would limit my spiritual growth. I would try to link things together in the constraints of logic. I would give myself headaches and finally decided to move away from the habit of headaches (my logical thinking). When I talked to her she pointed this out and I knew that I had made the right choice.

She also helped me with my third eye from a great distance away, me being in Ohio and her still being in Houston. I was told that I needed to work on trusting my intuition and to develop it and she helped me achieve this as well. We had maybe a half an hour conversation and I have talked to her via email quite a few times since then. Jo is a very genuine and caring person. She is an amazing guide walking you through new challenges at a pace where you can grasp it. She is truly selfless. 

- Michael J, Ohio

I've had the great privilege to have Joann as my teacher in the realm of mysticism these past few years. The fun of working with Joann is that she is taking mysticism and MODERNIZING it for the Urban, western society.Its no longer about hiding out at ashrams, temples etc. and meditating/praying for hours...rather, its how to bring that spirituality into your everyday life, by observing and awareness... symbolic language of animals, flower, trees, etc. learning to develop our own intuitive gifts...and having fun. :)


A true teacher is a RARE find. Jo Ann assists me in accelerating the pace of my growth. She holds a special level of pure, high frequency vibration, which provides her clients the opportunity to MAGNIFY their progress in developing intuitive skills, and grasping a deeper understanding of spiritual insights. Jo Ann teaches to her clients learn how to develop their unique extra sensory perception, and UNDERSTAND the meaning.

- Jacqueline Weil M.D. Houston, Tx

For me, Jo Ann has awakened my inner spirit. After some serious stress and trauma in the struggle that is existance, my joyful soul had retreated into a place of fear and pain. Thanks to Jo Ann and her gentle healing ways my inner beauty and innocent wonder was able to seed and BLOSSOM again. Thank you for bringing me into the love of life again!!!! Peace and joy always.


JoAnn Anderson is a precious person and I am honored to know her. She is a remarkable loving presence that taught me incredible things about myself and the world revealing passions and talents undiscovered. She opened my eyes and heart to the wonder and beauty all around and broadened my horizons in a way I never imagined. I am eternally grateful for her. A priceless experience for a lifetime!

- Shannon Houston, Tx

When the student is ready, the teacher WILL appear...

I'm the type of person that had a lot of guards or walls around me.  I did this because I thought I was protecting myself from people and pain.  During a session with Jo I LET IT ALL GO!  Jo Ann was working on my energy body and I literately felt the walls come down.  I physically felt my ego shrink and fade away.  (She says I still have one.  It is something that I am working on with her help!)  My heart and spirit let her in. I knew in that moment this woman is the real deal!


Working with Jo taught me so many things. One of them was that having those walls up only hurt MYSELF more by not allowing love or trust in.  I was missing out on life. The walls were only trapping myself.  She helped RELEASE me into truly living.


From the first time that I met Jo Ann, I knew that there was something very special about her.  I felt so connected to her and it was reuniting with my good friend from so many lifetimes.  It seemed as if I already knew her. I meet her through some other people and she wasn't the one that was speaking at the time, but I was more interested in her teaching then all the other "gurus", "masters", and "leaders" that I have seen in the past.  This wonderful woman had no ego attached to her. She was this mysterious, magical lady that had a glowing aura about her.  Her words were warm and gentle.  I asked her on the spot to be her first student.  Jo Ann did not even have any students at the time. She had been thinking of having her own but never mentioned the wish out loud.  My spirit heard it.  This was the teacher for ME.A person who came with no title but her own name.  No ego or no desire to gain something from her students.  Jo Ann whole heartedly just wanted to share her gifts with others.  She teaches people to see magic in their lives every day, all day. She OPENS OUR EYES (all three of them!) to the wonderful worlds around us.


As a student of Jo Ann Anderson's I have learned to manifest, love, trust, and heal myself and others.  One of the first things you will learn is that wisdom is limitless as well as love.  LOVE is most powerful things to have, it starts with loving yourself.  I want to THANK YOU JO for grabbing my hand and helping me along my path in life.

- Christina Monteray, CA

I'm not really sure how to explain the experience of going on a journey with has been unlike anything else I have ever experienced, and words do not accurately describe it!


One thing is for sure, Jo has an uncanny ability to tune into me and know things that no-one else does. Perhaps because I am such a skeptic, the universe has provided me with so much confirmation through Jo. The names she comes up with me during sessions are all accurate, either people in my life already, or those who enter within a day or two! She saw a snake crossing my path...just two days after it happened!


Not only does Jo have this ability to tune into my soul and see exactly what I need to heal and grow, but she has also helped me see that there is magic in all things and all of us – and helped me to learn how to access and believe in my own magic, and find my power to manifest the things I want.


Jo is patient, and kind and generous and loving, she is always available to me and finds the time to answer all my matter how many times I ask them! I am excited about my life in a new way, and feel empowered and tuned in to the magic of the universe...I don't think I will ever look at another animal, tree, flower, fruit or color in the same way ever again. We are surrounded by the bounty of nature and all the gifts that it has to offer.


I feel I have learned so much from Jo, about myself and this amazing, magical universe in which we all live...I am excited to continue, as I can't imagine not having this powerful woman in my life and on my side!! She is truly a gift!!

- Mandy San Diego, CA

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