About Jo Ann

From a very young age I was a natural seer. And as I grew, I never lost that childlike magic.....


I was born on the island of Galveston, Texas, so it is only natural that one of my favorite places to be is by the water. There is one very special place in particular that I love, which is the northwest coast of the Florida panhandle.

The Emerald coast, aptly named as the Emerald is Mercury's stone, is my place of mystical magic. Whenever I'm there it's like being in the center of the camera lens- fully focused. When I journey to my magical place in Florida, all my senses are in overdrive, dreams and visions are incredibly clear as is my mind. Mercury is perfectly positioned for me in that beautiful part of the world.


Outside of visiting my magical place on the Emerald Coast, I also utilize everyday tools from nature to gain in-depth knowledge, insight, and wisdom. Mixing and blending the information we're given in our lives defines us. I find magic in everyday life.

One of my favorite tools of nature is the lotus. The Lotus is associated with purity and spiritual awakening. It is often called the spiritual elixir and aids in meditation by calming the mind, thus assisting with spiritual growth. When combined with crystals, its effects are very powerful. In ancient Egypt, the lotus symbolizes rebirth.


The pink lotus is considered sacred in some cultures. The symbols around the lotus are Venus, Mercury, Gemini, and Neptune. These planets and signs are personally related to me and what I offer. It represents myself as a Gemini, love, intuition , and communication.


Currently, I reside in Houston Tx, one of the easiest ''big cities'' to live in. I've fully embraced being an urban girl who discovers amazing feats of nature every day in the city. I am a Gemini, which happens to be an air sign and mutable sign ruled by the planet Mercury. I fully embody the dual minded nature of the Gemini Twins. Creativity, invention, imagination, and consistent evolution are the keys to Urban Muse success. I am always inventing, expanding my imagination, and love learning new things and sharing my knowledge with others.


Mysticism is as old as humanity itself, but can be practical and relevant in today’s world.