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Hi Friend,

I know you’re busy. But take a second and imagine the life you want. And know you have the power to get there.

There is greatness inside you - your own intuition.

My work revolves around inspiring, guiding, and helping people flourish by highlighting the spiritual, mystical, and magical events in the real world. From the everyday trials, I help you cultivate the beautiful life we all strive for.

Whether you are chasing a dream, healing from a tragedy, or simply looking for more balance in your life - I can help you find your way. Together we can unlock your true potential.


Whether you’re looking for some insight into practical tools you can use everyday to help you achieve your goals, in need of an energy clearing or curious to see what the stars have to say about your path, there’s something for everyone here at Urban Muse.

On our journey together I will first meet with you to talk and establish a connection. I like to describe the first feelings and impressions I receive. As we work together, symbols, sounds and names of friends and loved ones manifest as messages I’m meant to share with you. I also connect to a subtle energy field or aura of the body. It’s a magical source of wisdom and messages from the supernatural, which can inform your everyday experience or come from a loved one that has passed on.

The possibilities of what shows up in each session are truly endless.

I’ve spent the last 25 years refining my abilities and intuition to translate the information I receive into practical tools and resources for you to use from the moment we are together.



In need of some fun tools to help you throughout your days? Whether you need a little inspired message or to spray your blues away, check out all that’s on offer in our shop.